The craziest multiplayer artillery game on mobile!


What is Angrymals?

Inspired by Worms and Angry Birds, this new crazy videogame lets you challenge your friends with a barrage of carrots, exhausts and sperm whales!


Fully Developed and User-Tested Gameplay

You will take control of a team of three crazy Angrymals garrisoned inside a fortress of junk. Shot after shot, the players will fling junk at each other to smash open the fortress and take down the other team.

iOS Review
iOS review
iOS review

Earn money with Angrymals

P2E - How to earn money in Angrymals ?

Game Features

Angrymals is based on one concept: throw junk and wreck things

Games are played 1v1 between two players. Players each take control of a team of three customized Angrymals firing a huge range of absurd weapons at each other to destroy the enemy fortress and knock out the opponent’s Angrymals.

The player wins when all Angrymals on the other team have their HP reduced to zero.

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Blockchain Integration

Blockchain integration will enable Angrymals to bring its game to the next level and expand to new audiences

Enhance User Experience

Enhance Audience Reach

Our Team

Angrymals is backed by a dedicated team and supported by Catheon Gaming


CEO / Lead Developer


Producer / Creative Lead


Lead 2D Artist


Lead Concept Artist



Jeremy Coste Angrymals


Project Lead &
Community Lead

Matteo Moratti Angrymals

Matteo M.

Co-Marketing Lead

Support from the Catheon Gaming Team


SolChicks COO


150+ support team


As a fully developed existing game, we expect that Angrymals can be rapidly transformed into a Play-and-Earn game, meaning that players will be able to play and earn far before many of the other projects currently available.

We are confident that the speed to market, coupled with the highly polished and well-received gameplay of Angrymals, will allow it to capture audiences across both traditional gaming and crypto-focused communities.

April 20th
NFT Mint
  • 4,444 Banner NFT mint - SOLD OUT
  • NFT integration in-game as profile picture
April 20th
May & June 2022
Private & Public Fundraise
Outreach to VC Groups, KOLs, Angel Investors and Launchpads
May & June 2022
IDO & Token Listing
  • Launch of Chaos Orbs token
  • Plans to list on major CEX/DEX
Play and Earn Version Release
Shortly after TGE, we expect full integration of the token into the game with play to earn functionality
Q2 & Q3 2022
Future Game Updates
We will be constantly introducing new content and updates including new NFTs, races, weapons, blocks and ways to earn
Q2 & Q3 2022
Q3 2022
Tournament Mode
Soon after launch, we will be introducing tournaments where players pay entry fees to win major rewards
Q3 2022

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