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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Community Update #2 – June 2022

With our planned P2E release in the coming months, this is just the beginning of the Angrymals journey. Over the next few years, we have a bunch of new content, features and ideas planned to keep you engaged within our game and community. And this is not all, our long-term vision is to become the Angry Birds of the blockchain and create a huge franchise and brand around Angrymals. We are planning to introduce merchandising, deepening the lore behind our crazy Angrymals, and exploring the expansion into separate entertainment verticals. The future is bright and we are just getting started.

Below is an outline of our planned content releases over the next year. We will highlight some of the exciting features in depth.

Tournament Mode

The tournament mode allows players to compete in small (8 player) to large (64+ player) sized tournaments to earn grand prizes and glory. Players will have to pay an entry fee to enter tournaments, which will contribute towards the prize fund. Players then compete in knock-out rounds until one player is crowned the victor. The prize fund will be split amongst the top players depending on the size of the tournament.

Spectator Mode

The spectator mode allows players to watch their friends compete in battles in real time. Additionally, this feature allows us to watch and stream tournaments to provide a far more immersive experience during our manually operated tournaments. The spectator mode will be accompanied by an expansion in replay features, including rewatching entire matches.

VIP Passes

Daily VIP passes will allow players to use random fortresses from Bazaar in their matches without needing to own them. This allows players the chance to test different fortress designs first before purchasing them. This will also provide more variety in gameplay as more players will have the ability to use unique fortresses and less players will rely on the default fortress designs.

Tribes and Tribe Wars

Tribes will act as clans within the game, allowing players to join different tribes with their friends or randoms. These tribes will compete against other clans in leaderboards and competitions, while also providing a greater sense of community within the game.

Tribe Wars will be the culmination of tribe conflict by pitting tribes against each other in an ongoing war, one match at a time, for control of the Angrymals Island. The territory will be split into numerous sectors and conquering them will require the coordinated effort and resources of players working in teams

Guild Tournaments

We will run and host exclusive tournaments for our guild partners to give back to our partners. This also provides additional opportunities for scholars to earn within the game, while also allowing different guilds to compete for supremacy in the game.

Speed Building Mode

In the speed building mode, players will be given a random set of buildings blocks and will have only a few minutes to build a fortress design. After the time is over, players will battle each other using these fortresses, testing not only your in-game skill but also fortress building abilities.

Rule Modifiers

We will introduce collectible cards that will act as rule modifiers that can be used in game to add some variety in gameplay. For example, cards will be able to change gravity, boundaries, elemental forces, health, anger, durability and more craziness.

PC Version

This feature is self-explanatory. With the launch of the PC Version, we will be able to reach far wider audiences. Eventually, we also aim to enable cross-platform compatibility, allowing PC players to battle against mobile players.

Single Player Mode

The single player campaign will allow players to enjoy the game offline and practice their skills. The campaign will build upon the lore of Angrymals and include numerous different game modes with unique features to ensure every level is different and engaging.
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