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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Community Update #3 – July 2022

With the launch of our P2E version (we’re still working on the exact date), one of the key considerations we had was how to design our token economy to remain sustainable and long term. We have seen the pitfalls that many other P2E games have suffered with poorly designed tokenomics. Even the most compelling game can fail if their economies are not well designed. With that in mind, we incorporated a few key design philosophies that will make our token economy stand out and remain sustainable:

Win-to-earn not grind-to-earn

  • Although grind-to-earn games provide sustainable income for players, they are fundamentally unsustainable as user growth dilutes earnings and creates oversupply, meaning growth is constricted
  • Conversely, win-to-earn games can sustainably scale with users as earnings are dependent on skill and can provide far greater earning for top players, which augments the gaming experience

Controlled token emissions

  • The biggest issue with current P2E games is that they are overly dependent on token emissions for player earnings, which cannot sustain with growth in users
  • In Angrymals, earnings are primarily derived from player-to-player transactions through our wagering, tournament and fortress selling features, meaning that tokens are not excessively emitted and earnings retain their value

Scalable token sinks

  • To ensure an economy that is long-term, you need to create a circular flow of sinks that can control emissions 
  • We have designed numerous sinks that take tokens out of supply which we can reinject into the economy to benefit players

No artificial mechanisms

  • While artificial mechanisms like token farming are highly attractive, we have found that these create artificial supply that is not long-term sustainable 
  • We are cautiously exploring the best methods of returning value back to our holders and supporters without artificially creating supply, including in-game benefits and broader ecosystem rewards

Synergies between web2 and web3 side

  • As you are probably aware, our web2 version of the Angrymals will coexist with the web3 version, meaning you have the option to play whatever way you want
  • We have pledged to utilize 20% of all web2 revenue (in-app purchases, ad revenue etc) to buy-back tokens on the market, further supporting the token price


Overall, what this means is that we are confident that our game and economy can sufficiently scale and grow without creating oversupply, resulting in a sustainable game that can survive into the long-term. This also ensures that our tokens retain their value 

Below is a graph that summarizes how our token economy operates:

Tokenomics Angrymals
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