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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

How to use the Street Cannon and El Booto weapons in Angrymals?

In the previous entry we had a look at the Chicken gun, the Angrymals signature repeating clucker, along with a basic introduction to weapons and their stats. You can read that entry here.

This time we are exploring side by side two very similar weapons, but with a key difference that sprinkles some tactical nuance on top of a huge cake of RAW POWER. This time it’s Street Cannon vs. El Booto.

Angrymals artwork
Angrymals Starfish

What do Street Cannon and El Booto weapons do ?


Seriously, that’s what they excel at and the main reason you should opt to add one (or both?) to your weapon setup. El Booto shoots an iron (yes, the appliance) and the Street Cannon hurls a bowling ball, both with a staggering 100% accuracy that ensures you hit those pesky ‘mals consistently. 

This is different from the behavior of the Petunias Pot, which despite having perfect accuracy and the highest damage, let’s say “projectile” in the game, is made mechanically unreliable by design, making it way harder to master and less versatile in any weapon setup than our two friends S.C. & E.B.

Street Cannon Weapon
An Angrymals !
Explaning the Street Cannon Weapon
An Angrymals !
El Booto weapon in Angrymals
Explanations El Booto weapon
Angrymals fish

The catch and the strategy

Consistency is necessary to offset the hefty drawback of a low recharge rate. But here also comes the interesting nuance:

The Street Cannon takes 3 turns to reload, and starts unloaded. 

El Booto takes 4, and starts loaded.

This means that you can choose one or the other to min/max your setup. 

A well entrenched Angrymal on the back side of your fortress, armed with a Street Cannon, can rain a parabolic bowling ball on the opponent’s roof every 3 turns, capitalizing on the “Death From Above” damage multiplier to punch holes straight through it like… a drill with butter?

El Booto, instead, is seldom used to punch holes straight through Angrymals’ teeth ON THE VERY FIRST TURN thanks to the fact that it starts loaded. Shoot it at maximum power while aiming straight at them. This crude tactic perfectly complements every “rush” setup, meaning every Weapon and Fortress combination that relies on the idea of inflicting a huge amount of damage to the opponent before they realize the match has even started.

Angrymals Nuts

In conclusion, today’s analysis shows us a simple concept: you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that your strategy is not “refined” or “sophisticated” enough. After all, who needs elegance when you have BONK?

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