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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

How to use the Chicken Gun weapon in Angrymals ?

Starting with this entry, we are going to explore the details of those seemingly random weapons of ours, and learn their badly hidden secrets!
The first armament we are going to touch (please, use gloves) is the classic Chicken Gun, and in doing so we will talk briefly about how weapons in general work in Angrymals.

Angrymals chicken
Angrymals Starfish

Let’s hit the Bazaar!

If you didn’t pay close attention to the game, It may come as a shocker to know that weapons, and basically everything else in the game, can be bought at the Bazaar (southern Angrymals Island, if you need directions).

Tap on it, navigate to the “Weapons” tab and you will be presented with a fancy list of all the weapons currently available. As I’m writing this, we have fourteen weapons in the Bazaar and fifty five in our brains, ready to be developed when the times are ripe.

I feel like stating this openly on the dev Blog will make the times ripe sooner, so… here we go: 50 NEW WEAPONS BY 2050!

Angrymals fish

A Chicken and Egg situation

Electoral jokes aside, please, tap the chicken. The “Weapon info” tab will open up, showing a detailed recap of this amazing tech:

Under the image showing the Chicken gun in all its glory, there’s an icon representing the type of projectile shot and how many of them are flung in a go. While some weapons throw a volley of projectiles at the same time and in a wide arc (looking at the Shotgum here) the Chicken gun shoots 5 eggs in rapid succession and with pretty high accuracy:


Talking about accuracy, this is the icon for it, in the bottom-right of the tab: 


With a 70% accuracy, the Chicken gun is not exactly a sniper tool, but it’s by far the most precise multi-shot weapon in the game… for now.

In the bottom-left, this icon :


indicates the reload time. Remember, Angrymals is a turn-based game and weapons take turns to recharge. A noticeable advantage of your Chicken gun is that it is active every turn, which is particularly useful to balance out setups with slower-recharging weapons, so you can actually DO SOMETHING to control the battlefield, while waiting for the heavy hitters to be ready to fire.

The versatility of the projeggtiles also helps in this regard, allowing you to adapt to the situation at hand. Maybe you need to headshot an “exposed threat”, maybe you need to mine the base of a tall fortress to mess with gravity… the Chicken gun got you covered!

Alas, what it makes in versatility, it lacks in damage. The happy little bars at the center of the tab show the damage types the Chicken gun is capable of inflicting (I warmly invite you to read the entry #2 of the Dev Blog for any doubt about damage types!)
As you can see, this weapon does only raw damage, with no added fire, shock or explosion effects. The lesson here is: damage is not all that matters and I will keep using the Chicken Gun in every single match, because… CLUCK-CLUCK!

Angrymals Nuts

Reworking hard

If you follow us on social networks, blogs and give a look to our patch notes you may notice a pattern. While we always try to keep pushing the big things forward (new systems, new skins, in short: new content) we also like to allocate some time on reworking assets we already have and are in need of some care and attention, so we can make the game prettier and more enjoyable one touch at the time.

This week we are concentrating on weapons and their tiny splash arts, which gave me a chance to write this entry about the Chicken gun, but we’re planning to write one for every weapon to publish during the next few months.

The video tutorial

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