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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Angrymals Patch Note 0.80

Welcome to this new, cool update dedicated to… your eyes! Why so? Well…  First of all, we drastically revamped the in-game background & ranked banner poles: we’re totally sure you’ll love them as much as we do. Furthermore, we introduced the ‘Spectator mode’: this way, you’ll be able to watch you friends’ matches, and the upcoming tournaments will be streamed on our Twitch account as well. Go grab some popcorn!

Looking for some new crazy skins? We’re going to release a bunch of them in the upcoming weeks! And if you have an NFT portrait associated with your account, you’ll receive some of them for free!

New features

  • Totally new & revamped in-game background!
  • Huge stone heads on the battlefield, based on match type, screaming ‘Headshot!’ and taunts
  • Spectator mode: you can now watch your friend’s matches!
  • …and choose who can know your online status or spectate your matches
  • New amazing Ranked Banner Poles
  • Two new Player Banners
  • ‘Socials’ panel now available, with links to all Angrymals’ socials
  • DeepLinks are now supported on Android
  • Added the ability to delete your account
  • New awesome Skins coming soon…


  • It’s full summer on Angrymals Island
  • New Sionera Entertainment logo
  • Angrymals won’t stop other applications playing music in the background
  • New ‘Elder’ title icon
  • Support for external quests on Communit3
  • Improved ‘skin motto’ appearance

Bug fixed

  • Fixed an issue blocking Workshop tutorial at the ‘rotate’ step
  • Fixed an issue with fortress Quick Test when joints are not fully connected
  • Fixed an issue with shopping cart not allowing blocks to be put inside of it
  • Minor fixes

Please use the ‘Bug’ button if you have any feedback, bug-report or suggestion.

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