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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Angrymals Team Update

An update from the team

First of all, thank you to everyone that participated in our NFT mint last week. We successfully minted our first collection of 4,444 Genesis Player Banners, an impressive result in the current market and testament to the strength of our loyal community and fans. Importantly, these NFTs are the keys to unlocking P2E functionality in our upcoming P2E release, and also hold a bunch of other cool bonuses and features. If you missed out, you can still purchase an NFT on secondary marketplaces, including our launch partner Fractal at ttps://

However, this is just the first stage of our journey to release the most fun and engaging P2E game in the market. The next stage is our token launch, IDO and P2E update, which we aim to simultaneously release next month. We are currently in the midst of our private fundraise to ensure we have sufficient runway to provide the best experience for our community. As we progress towards our IDO, we will run a public sale on launchpads and our own platform to allow our community a chance to invest in our project.

We will have more specifics on our public IDO shortly, but as a reminder, all NFT holders will be eligible for a whitelist spot. We will take a snapshot of NFT holders at an undisclosed date closer to IDO to determine eligibility. Additionally, if you hold your NFT from mint until the IDO, you will be eligible for a VIP whitelist spot. We have already taken the snapshot for initial eligibility, and will take another one at IDO to determine final eligibility.

As a quick overview of our upcoming P2E release

  • We will be launching two additional currencies
    • Chaos Shards which will live in-game as a new off-chain currency
    • Chaos Orbs which will live on our external web3 platform as our on-chain token
  • The existing game economy (Coins, Gems, Keys) will remain as is, and no features will be removed from the game – we will not reset any currencies or XP in your account
  • You will be able to earn Chaos Shards in-game through:
    • Completing daily and weekly missions
    • Wagering in head-to-head battles
    • Ranked season rewards
    • Winning tournaments (coming Q3)
    • Selling fortress designs
  • You can convert Chaos Orbs into Chaos Shards to use in game if you run out
  • However, if you want to cash out your Chaos Shards into Chaos Orbs, you will need to hold an NFT
    More information can be found in our whitepaper here


Finally, many of you have been asking when you will be able to display your NFTs in game. While we had planned to have this feature available at the mint date, there were some technical issues with approving this update in the Google Play and App Store. We hope that we can get this updated in the next few days to allow you to show off your Player Banners in battle.

Thank you to our community for your constant support and we look forward to seeing all of you again in the next phase of our journey!

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