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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Angrymals Workshop : How to build a fortress ?

  • In the game, you can build your fortress. To do that, visit the Workshop.
  • There, you will find several tools to add building blocks, duplicate, group, and edit them.
  • After validating it, you can use your fortress and sell it at the Bazaar.

Angrymals is reaching a wider and wider audience every day, and we started noticing a trend that we feared we wouldn’t see at all: our users (or “Junkthrowers”, if you follow closely our community!) are using the Workshop a lot.

The Workshop is the in-game tool that lets you build your own impregnable fortresses to be used against and sold to other players, and we spent a conspicuous amount of hours creating and perfecting it, fearing that it would always be too clunky or frustrating to use.


Angrymals Fortress

After all, a mobile game with a built-in level editor is a rare sight, so we couldn't find many examples on the market to take inspiration from.

Despite our wildest fears, we are receiving tremendous feedback! A huge percentage of players are using the Workshop and selling their creations in the Bazaar to gain currency. Feeling more confident about it, we wanted to tackle the topic to better inform our fellow Junkthrowers about the secrets of the Workshop.

Introduction to the Workshop

While chilling in the game’s main menu, you can notice the Workshop on the top-left corner of Angrymals island, marked by a scaffolding with a crane slowly swinging in the wind. If you click on it, it will prompt you to a list of all the fortresses you own, the ones you created and the ones you already have on sale.
Under “Own designs”, select the last slot, “Create new fortress”. If unavailable, you may need more slots for your creations. If that’s the case, you can buy one more for some gold or a few gems.

How to build a fortress in Angrymals
After that, it’s time to give your fortress a name – though you can always rename it later. Now you should be able to see your workspace: every new workspace starts empty, with just your three fellow Angrymals boxed at the center, and a black & yellow striped field showing the maximum width and height that your fortress can reach.
Angrymals fish

Learning the tools

if you ever used any editing tool on your computer (and we bet you have) you will get immediately familiar with the Workshop’s simple commands. Let’s break them down!

On the right side of the screen you have:

New block

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Tap it to open up the blocks menu (more on this later) and choose a flavor. The newly created block will appear at the center of the workspace, framed in a green circle to help you find it

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


As for all the commands in this column except “New block”, you need to keep the button tapped with one finger while selecting the block (or blocks) you want with the other hand. You can also keep the button tapped and drag your finger on the screen to create a multiple selection rectangle

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


Works the same way as “Select”, with an added trick: you can double-tap the button to deselect all. Blocks that are excluded from the current selection appear semitransparent

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


You get the point. One finger to keep the button tapped, another to move the currently selected blocks around the workspace

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


Tap the button and drag your finger horizontally to rotate the selected blocks

  • While the left column is even more straightforward:
How to build a fortress in Angrymals


The selected blocks are joined to be edited as a unit

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


Duplicates all the selected blocks and groups

How to build a fortress in Angrymals


No need to explain this one, right? Like “New block” but…the exact opposite, i guess?

How to build a fortress in Angrymals

Flip X.

Mirrors the selected blocks or groups along the X axis

How to build a fortress in Angrymals

Flip Y

Mirrors the selected blocks or groups along the Y axis

  • Last but not least, let’s check out the remaining elements:
How to build a fortress in Angrymals

Undo/Redo. You can find those on the top-left of your screen. Just like in any piece of editing software you ever used. Erase your mistakes and do them again!

Grid. Found on the top-right of the screen. By default the grid is ON, allowing an effortless positioning of the blocks, which will automatically snap in place.
If you want a little more freedom, you can set the grid on HALF or even on OFF and remove it entirely.

Note that rotation is also affected by the grid, with your blocks snapping at 30°, 60° and 90° when the grid is on but rotating more freely on a halved or hidden grid.

Quick Selection. Tapping this button at the bottom-right corner will open a smart bar that will let you choose from a selection of favorite blocks (marked with a star) or recently used ones (clock icon) to comfortably drag in your workspace.
How to build a fortress in Angrymals
Junk-meter. For sure you already spotted it at the top of the workspace. It helps you keep track of the Junk Points value of the fortress you are designing. More Junk Points means more defense, but they also limit the type of match in which you can use your fortress.
How to build a fortress in Angrymals

From 0 to 6,000 Junk Points

you have a Blockhouse, usable in every mode.

How to build a fortress in Angrymals

From 6,000 to 10,000

you built yourself a Keep, only usable in the last two modes, Battle and Warfare.

How to build a fortress in Angrymals

Starting from 10,000

your fortress is a mighty Stronghold, only usable to compete in Warfare mode.

We will talk about how you can better manage your Junk Points in the next section.
Angrymals Nuts

Fortress menu: where things get a little more complex

You will have noticed, at this point, the gear-shaped button at the bottom-left corner. Tap it and you will be presented with a plethora of options and data that speak about your fortress.

In addition to your Junk-meter there are three other bars now, indicating your building’s resistance to flame, shock and explosion. We are not going to digress on weapon effects in this entry, just know that different blocks have different weaknesses: fire spreads through wood, electricity through metal and explosions…well, they make things explode.

Under these bars, the category your fortress currently falls in and its status. This will let you know if your creation has already been validated or not.

The process of validation lets you finalize your new fortress so you can use it and sell it in the Bazaar.
In order to do that, browse the menu at the bottom: along with more ordinary tools (like the “Save draft” button that lets you save your creation to work on it later, the “Rename” button and an option to mirror the workspace interface to accommodate left handed users) you will find the “Validate & save” button.
This will launch a quick process in which your design will be stress-tested to check if it is usable.

We talked about Junk points and the fact that a fortress with a value higher than 15,000 cannot be validated, but there are A LOT of parameters that will influence the final score!
You can read a short list of Junk points modifiers on the left side of the screen, if the system detects issues with your creation.
These modifiers will add or remove Junk points, following some rules:

  • Repeated blocks give a malus. Be sure to use variation in your design and don’t stack the same kind of block too much!
  • A block placement that is too dense, gives a malus. Try spreading more. This is also valid for your three little Angrymals. Too close to each other and the meter goes up!
  • A tall structure fills the bar less than a low-rise one. Angrymals placed higher save more Junk points than those at ground level
  • Joints can clip together two or more blocks and make your fortress stronger, but they take up a lot of Junk points. Luckily, the Fireworks Crate block can help you lower the meter (by a stunning 30%!). You just need to place it near other blocks and hope it will never accidentally go off…
Angrymals Horseshoe

Blocks and you

The concept of square unit-based block piling has been explored in video games since Tetris, in the Triassic Era, and we feel like there’s no need to explain it further!

Instead, we can show you how those blocks are made.
Remember the “New block” button we talked about? If you go to your workspace and tap it, the blocks menu will open up. On the left, select a material, then tap on a block of your choice to display its properties:

How to build a fortress in Angrymals
Angrymals Starfish

At this point you should know everything there is to know about building fortresses in Angrymals… except maybe for some pro-level engineering secrets that our most dedicated Junkthrowers mastered over hundreds of hours!

Ultimately, if you are a new player that wants to become a Master Builder, we encourage you to just go and play matches against other people to learn from their designs. Don’t sit idle in the workshop too much, thinking about numbers and parameters. After all, Angrymals is (mostly) about shooting things and breaking stuff!

The Angrymals team

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