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This feature allows you to link your NFT to Angrymals and display it as an ingame banner.

  1. First, connect the wallet on which your NFTs are stored.
  2. You will be directed to a page listing all your Angrymals NFTs. Click on “Select” to select which NFT you want to be display as an ingame banner.
  3. You will be asked to connect your Angrymals account. This is the login and password you use to play Angrymals on your smartphone.
  4. Once connected, you will be asked to confirm that you want to select this NFT as a player banner.

That’s it! Please restart Angrymals and your NFT is now displayed as a player banner.

Yes, your NFT is safe! Technically, your NFT is locked meaning you can’t sell it while it is linked to Angrymals. This is why you won’t see your NFT in your wallet as long as it’s linked to Angrymals.

The first thing to do is remain calm. The Solana blockchain gets super busy at times and often can’t quite keep up with the demand. Second, we have implemented an auto-retry feature. If it still doesn’t work, head over to the Troubleshooting page and follow the instructions. This will put back your transaction in the queue to be processed. After you have done this, you should see your NFT in the game.

We support a wide range of wallets, from Phantom, to Solflare and even Ledger. Please see the full list of supported wallets on the wallet connection page.

We are finalizing the development of the P2E part of the game and it will be released at the end of May/early June. Follow us on our social networks to know more about the exact schedule.