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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

How to mint an Angrymals NFT on Fractal ?

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What does “Minting a NFT” mean ?

Minting is the process of tokenizing a digital file with cryptography. For Angrymals,this is the process through which you can acquire our upcoming in-game Player Banners NFTs, which will provide several benefits to holders:
  • Aesthetic value
  • Play to Earn functionality
  • Improved earning efficiency and potential
  • Access to prestige game modes
  • Boosts to in-game chest rewards
For the full details, you can find more in our whitepaper here : Angrymals whitepaper.

Installing a compatible Solana wallet : Phantom

Just like you store your fiat currencies into a wallet in your pocket, you need a crypto wallet to store your crypto assets, tokens and NFTs. Because we will be minting our NFTs on the Solana blockchain, you will require a compatible Solana wallet.

Phantom is by far the most popular Solana wallet on the market. Phantom is a browser-based wallet, meaning it lives as an extension on your Chrome, Brave, FireFox or Edge browser. Below is a quick guide for setting up a Phantom wallet. For our example, we will be using Brave.

Head over to and click on Download :

Download Solana wallet Phantom
Download Solana wallet for Desktop : Phantom

Once the extension is installed, you will be asked to create a new wallet and proceed through a few steps to set up your wallet :

Create a wallet in Phantom

Once the password is set up, you will be prompted with a Secret Recovery Phrase. This step is crucial. Please make sure you note down your phrase somewhere that you will not forget or lose. The Secret Recovery Phrase is like the key to your house. If you ever give this key to somebody, they will be able to easily access your house. This is the same for your wallet, if you share your Secret Phrase, this person can take control on all your funds. We recommend that you:

Your recovery phrase in Phantom, a Solana wallet

That’s it, you have just created your Solana wallet !

Other common Solana wallets include Solflare, Sollet or Exodus. If you wish to use one of these wallets, you can find convenient guides on their respective websites.

Funding your Solana wallet

Solana’s native cryptocurrency is called SOL. You will need SOL for the following:

  • Paying the fees for any transaction that you will perform on Solana blockchain
  • Buying (Minting) the NFTs. For Angrymals, the price for each NFT is set at 0.8 SOL for discounted pass, and 1 SOL for whitelisted and public mint.

The easiest way to acquire SOL in your Phantom wallet is through MoonPay or FTX, both of which have been directly integrated into Phantom. Moonpay allows you to directly purchase SOL using your card, while FTX is integrated to easily transfer SOL from your FTX account to Phantom. Below is a simple guide:


Otherwise, you can acquire SOL by first purchasing on a centralized exchange, and then withdrawing/transferring to your Phantom wallet. A few of the most commonly used centralized exchanges include Binance, FTX, Coinbase or Below is a simple guide for transferring between Binance and Phantom:

I have a wallet and SOL to pay fees and mint, now what ?

Angrymals NFT mint is organized in three phases :

  • Discounted Stage Pass : Mint starts at 6am PST, April 20 and runs for 1.5 hours. Mint price is set to 0.8 SOL.
  • Pre-Sale Stage Pass : This category is for whitelisted people. Mint starts at 8am PST, April 20 and runs for 2.5 hours. Mint price is set to 1.0 SOL.
  • Public sale: Open to anyone with a Solana wallet. This phase starts at 11am PST, April 20 and runs for 12 hours. Mint price is set to 1.0 SOL.

Discounted Stage Pass” and “Pre-Sale Stage Pass” are roles granted on our Discord server and are subject to the completion of quests.

How to submit my wallet for these three phases ?

For “Discounted Stage Pass” and “Pre-Sale Stage Pass“, you need to submit your wallet. Submitting your wallet means you are providing the public address of your wallet so that Fractal knows you have a discount or you are whitelisted. This step is not necessary for the public mint.

In order to submit your wallet, you need to :

and that’s it !

On April 17th we will close the submission and you will receive a whitelist token based on your whitelist phase that you will use to access the NFT pre-sale. These tokens will be transferable before the mint, and consumed once you mint your NFT.

Minting your Angrymals NFTs on Fractal

Minting on Fractal is a piece of cake :

That’s it,  set your alarms for the mint day !

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