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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

How to use an Angrymals NFT as a player banner ?

The long awaited feature to set up your NFT as Angrymals player banner is now available. Through this tutorial, we explain step by step how to connect your Solana wallet, connect your Angrymals account and use your NFT as your ingame player banner.

Connect your Solana wallet

First, head over to and connect your Solana wallet:

Step 1 : connect your wallet

Once your Solana wallet is connected, all your NFTs will be displayed on the “My NFTs” page :

How to use your NFT as a player banner

Select which NFT you want to use as your ingame banner and connect your Angrymals account

Choose the NFT you want to be displayed as your ingame player banner by clicking on “Select” under the NFT. You will be prompted a modal windows asking to connect your Angrymals Account. 

Connect your Angrymals account

Your Angrymals account is the account you’re using when you play Angrymals on your smartphone.If you have not set up your password yet, or you have lost it :

  • launch Angrymals on your smartphone
  • head over to your Profile, then click on Account, then click on Protect with a password and assign a password
  • you will be able to create your password (or request a new password if you already set up a password in the past)
Angrymals Profile page
Angrymals Account page
Angrymals Assign password page

Once connected, you will be prompted a modal window to confirm that you want to select this NFT as your player banner :

Confirm to select your Angrymals banner

As long as you use your NFT as your planner banner, this NFT will be “locked“, meaning you will not see it in your wallet. This is normal behavior and your NFT will be displayed again when you stop using it as your ingame banner.

That’s it, you can now launch Angrymals and enjoy your banner !

How to change your Angrymals banner and use another NFT ?

In the same way as you selected an NFT by clicking on “Select”, you can now click on “Remove“. This will remove your NFT from the secured contract and send it back to your wallet. You can now “Select” another NFT to use in the game.

Remove NFT as your Angrymals banner

Troubleshooting errors

In rare situations, the transaction can fail. There can be several causes for this but it’s most likely because of Solana network being congested. We have developed an auto-retry mechanism so it automatically tries again to link your NFT to your Angrymals account.

In case it still doesn’t work, head over to the “Troubleshooting” page and follow the instructions.

In case the error persists, please reach out to us on Discord.

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