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Angrymals Narrator
Angrymals Narrator

Why Angrymals went into Blockchain ?

A fun hippo at Angrymals

Our idea about it

If you played Angrymals, let’s say, in it’s 2019 open-beta iteration, you might remember it as a cool, hilarious game perfect for playing with every friend with a mobile device and…that’s about it. Or wasn’t? Ok, there was the workshop to work on your fortresses and the shop to shop them. There was a ranked match system in place, the Bazaar with all of the cosmetic stuff, and of course, weapons and animals with loads and loads of different, handcrafted special effects! So, if Angrymals already looked like a finished game back then, where is all of this extra work going nowadays?

At the moment, our toughest challenge is to “harness the power of the blockchain to propel our game into the future” as some would put it. It’s a delicate moment for us, as we pour the expertise of hundreds of different professionals into the cauldron and stir attentively to produce some well-balanced magic.

See, many of us started making games way before the blockchain was even a thing, and “making games” was always our first and foremost concern. This is why that powerful technology, to us, doesn’t look like an opportunity to squeeze money out of some obscure system while wasting our experience to produce some gimmicky game experiences to justify that.
Instead, we feel like we hold in our hands a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the world our take on the game-blockchain integration. We stand strongly on the idea that the two different demographics of gamers and crypto enthusiasts can coexist, intersect and prosper without being forced to play the game in ways they don’t fancy or to interact with systems they don’t care about. Luckily for us, Catheon and all of the teams working under their umbrella, seem to think exactly on the same wavelength and working on our project at this moment feels like being part of a perfectly built race car engine!

Angrymals fish

What’s the plan, General?

The general plan is to launch two main blockchain-based systems: the NFT cosmetics and the Play-to-Earn ecosystem.

Concerning the first, if you are an NFT enthusiast the answer is: SOON. Yes, that’s the day our sweet first batch of NFTs is set to be minted!

But let’s boil down how the two systems will work and impact the player, with some help from the Angrymals Whitepaper (be sure to check it out for a more technical overview on game economy and tokenomics, use and source of the currencies and the gameplay cycle we expect from the different kind of players!)

Angrymals Nuts

Non-fungible Tokens

“At the outset of design, we wanted to make one thing clear – none of the NFT items will have a direct impact on the players’ ability to win in matches against other players. NFT items will not affect PvP balance – it will not affect the damage dealt to other players or damage resistance. This is purposely done to ensure that the competitive playing field remains the same for all players, regardless of the amount of money invested.”

Instead, the NFTs will bring to the table an aesthetic value: in-game avatars, costumes, building blocks, special effects and more will constitute a primary source of “bling” for the players who want to rock it (we’re open to suggestions here, be sure to write to us if you have any!)

Secondly, the player will want to “equip” an NFT to unlock the P2E functionality which we’ll talk about in the next section. This operation will let them convert a Chaos Orb into Chaos Shards and vice versa. Those are the two currency types at the core of the game economy, the first being a literal token on the blockchain, the latter being its fragmented, in-game counterpart that every player will be eligible to earn.

Owning an NFT will also open the door to prestige game modes, tournaments reserved for owners of rare NFTs, that will take place a few times around the year and will sport valuable prizes for those opting for our game’s blockchain functionality.

The bottom line remains: none of the points above constitute or will ever constitute a hindrance for the player who just doesn’t want to spend a single cent on the game.

Angrymals Horseshoe

How the Play To Earn ecosystem works in Angrymals ?

In countless video games there is an element that some of us like to call “The Great Justifier”. That is to say Chaos. 

From a lore perspective you can explain everything in your game with a burst of chaotic magic meddling with the laws of physics to create, let’s say… eel-throwing electric blenders, whale-summoning flower pots, semi-sentient goats dressed as pirates, an apocalyptic “meatball storm” of fire, beautiful seagulls driving cars… and the list can go on forever.
As the most attentive readers probably already noticed, Chaos is contained in the Chaos Orbs. Ostensively enough, breaking one means to unleash chaotic power to create new procedurally generated NFTs, spawn new “Chaos Chests” with special random loot and so on.

As said previously, the Orbs are a representation of Angrymals’ own token on the blockchain and shards are the in-game counterpart you should merge to create one. So it’s on those two currencies that the P2E experience will be based.

Here is a recap of everything you need to know about them as a game mechanic:

How to earn Chaos Shards in Angrymals ?

  • Win 1v1 matches, ranked games and tournaments
  • Score login streaks
  • Sell cool fortress designs on the game market
  • Participate in special events, giveaways and airdrops 
  • Break Chaos Orbs

What are the main uses of Chaos Shards in Angrymals ?

  • Creating Chaos Orbs by merging a large number
  • Wager on PvP games
  • Gaining access to special tournaments
  • Buying popular fortress designs

How to earn Chaos Orbs in Angrymals ?

  • Combine Chaos Shards
  • Purchase them on the market
  • Reach a good position on the leaderboards during any given season
  • Participate in special events, giveaways and airdrops
  • Well… stake them! They are a token on the blockchain after all

What are the main uses of Chaos Orbs in Angrymals ?

  • Breaking them down to create Chaos Shards
  • Purchasing Chaos Chests
  • Buying NFTs on a secondary, external market
  • As a fee for merging NFTs to try and create higher-value ones
  • Last but not least: the power to express your position on our tokenomics with your vote!
Angrymals Starfish

In conclusion…

At this point, we think the purpose of this first entry is clear. We chose this topic because we want to make sure we are as transparent as possible in our intents and objectives.
The blockchain is by no means a brand new technology but it’s gaining more and more of a central role in our lives right as we write, and gaming is quickly becoming a huge point of connection between us and that system, which is still so obscure to some. 

In this context it is very important, for those who have a chance, to step foot in a good, honest and useful direction and set an example of how technology can be used in a good, honest and useful way.
We grow if the community grows, we earn if the community earns and, most importantly, we are happy if the community is happy!

– The Angrymals team

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